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The Golden Poo Awards 2012

The London Short Film Festival are delighted to announce the winners of The Golden Poo Awards Short Film Competition 2012

The Number One Award
Andrew Oxley
Men, Loos and Number Twos


The Number Two Award
Paul Rey-burns -


These winning films will form part of the Global Handwashing Day (October 15th) and World Toilet Day (November 19th) awareness-raising campaigns. The campaigns are supported by a wide international coalition of partner organisations, which have a global reach to publicise the importance of good hygiene practice and sanitation.

The films will be also screened amongst the programme of films at The London Short Film Festival (4th to 13th January 2013)

We would like to thank all those who submitted films for this competition. The quality of submissions, which focused on the subject matter set out in the competition brief, has been excellent.

To those who have been unsuccessful on this occasion we offer encouragement and best wishes for your future as a filmmaker.

The other shortlisted films can be seen below (in alphabetical order)

The Golden Poo Awards 2012 shortlist of submissions

The London Short Film Festival and Poop Creative are delighted to announce the films selected for the shortlist of The Golden Poo Awards 2012 as follows (in alphabetical order):

Filmmaker Title (Click to view)
Pankaja Brooke Poo In Paradise
Jon Dunleavy Poh Lesh The Turd: Road To The Poolympics
Andrew Hinton WMG (USA) & Grampari (India) It's In Your Hands
Prahlad Kakar Bum Bay
Anthony Langan H2OH!
Jane Mcgee The WaterAid Poo Viral
Nirvania Quesada The Hygienic Odyssey Of Lolly
David Rafique Pooo
Jennifer Sheridan Picking Up Poop

The Judging Panel

Philip Ilson has been working as a film and event programmer since the mid nineties, when he founded The Halloween Society multi-media club night. Since then he has worked as a programmer for the Curzon Soho and the East End Film Festival, and has worked on larger scale music and film programming for Latitude Festival, and the Branchage Jersey International Film Festival. In 2004 he founded the London Short Film Festival, now in its 10th year. He is also the short film programmer for the BFI London Film Festival.

Seth is a young aspiring social entrepreneur with a deep passion for the environment, dividing his time between social impact media and mission driven investing. In late 2009, he founded One Way Theatre, the UKs first solar powered mobile outdoor cinema. In 2011 he co-founded Berti Investments, an impact investment company focused on reducing carbon emissions in the UK. His other roles include adviser to The Bertha Foundation, non-executive director of Firefly Solar Generators and non-executive director of Central Film School in London.

Sarah studied Film, Journalism and Documentary Research in between working for independent production companies like Slate Films, Signal Films and Living Cinema. She later worked for London Disability Film Festival and Cambridge Film Festival, amongst others, before joining Shooting People in 2011, where she's now Operations Director.

Val is Reader in Hygiene at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Director of the Hygiene Centre.
Trained as an engineer, epidemiologist and anthropologist, her research centres around behaviour change, especially in water, sanitation and hygiene. She is a global authority on handwashing with soap. Using an evolutionarily derived approach to behaviour she develops and tests interventions based on emotion, motivation, habit, product and settings. She is co-founder of the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap, which unites the marketing abilities of the private sector with the reach of the public sector and the science of academia in large-scale national handwashing programmes.
She teaches and consults on behaviour change with governments, international organisations and industry. She has published widely on behaviour, hygiene and disgust and her book on the evolution of disgust is due to appear in 2012.

Dying to go to the loo...?

Did you know that almost half the world's population (2.6 billion people) has no access to a toilet? Or that one gram of poo can contain 10 million viruses, one million bacteria and 1,000 parasite cysts? Or that improper disposal of human waste, contaminated water and poor hygiene gives rise to preventable diseases that kill 4,000 children every single day?

Following on from the competitions of 2009, 2011 and 2012, PooP Creative will continue to work with talented people to create work which can be used to contribute to the campaigns which have a global reach to publicise the importance of good hygiene practice and adequate sanitation.

Here's a highly informative film made by the British Medical Journal. For some more artistic inspiration click here.

Shit Matters - BMJ



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